Slow carousel rotation speed


We purchased your carousal yesterday and are very happy with it.

I am trying to find an option for slowing the rotation speed.


In Step 2, Skins dialog, Overview tab, you can change the value of Transition -> Duration, it’s the transition speed.

You can also change the value of “Interval”, that’s the time interval between each transition if auto play is on.

How to remove the watermark from Enterprise version of Amazing Carousel


We have bought the enterprise version of Amazing Carousel​, and want to get rid of the watermark.

Is there an easy way to get rid of the watermark?


You need to re-create the carousel with the Commercial Version:

1. Please enter your activation code to the software to register it.

2. You need to re-create the carousel with the registered version.

When recreating the carousel, in the software, step 2, Skins dialog, “Watermark” tab, please make sure the “Add Watermark” option is unchecked.

3. After re-creating the carousel, update the carousel files on your web server.

Please also clear caches of your web browser before testing again.

How to add the jQuery carousel to Drupal website


Do you have a Drupal version of your slider or do I have to ask a developer to implement it?  I do have some knowledge, and can edit change file to adpat. If there is a documentation about how to implement on Drupal, it would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can add the jQuery carousel and jQuery slider to your Drupal theme, post or page.

For Amazing Carousel, you can check the tutorial:

Form Amazing Slider, you can check the tutorial: