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Version 4.1

Included Languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French

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What's New

Version 4.1

- Fix a bug when playing inline videos

Version 4.0

- Fix a bug when opening saved project files

Version 3.9

- Fix the bug when there are unicode characters in the image filename and the published folder name

Version 3.8

- Fix the time display bug when HTML5 video is longer than 1 hour
- Fix the hover overlay image bug when there are multiple carousels on one webpage

Version 3.7

- Add an option to not show the enlarge icon on touch screen devices
- Display the navigation arrows outside of the lightbox on touch screen devices and avoid double clicking when playing videos

Version 3.6

- Fix the bug of lightbox galleries when there are multiple carousels on one web page

Version 3.5

- Add four skins: TwoRows, AutoScroller, TextOnly, ReadMore
- Add an option to scroll the carousel continuously
- Add an option to create multiple rows carousel
- Highlight the selected skin when opening the Skins dialog

Version 3.4

- Fix the YouTube issue due to the depreciation of YouTube API v2

Version 3.3

- Fix a bug in Flash video player

Version 3.2

- Fix a bug in Joomla module

Version 3.1

- Fix a bug in WordPress plugin

Version 3.0

- Fix minor bugs

Version 2.9

- Add two new skins to create jQuery Vertical Scroller and jQuery Testimonial Slider
- Use URL parameter firstcarouselid to specify the first slide in the carousel when the webpage is loaded
- Add options to specify image size and carousel slide differently

Version 2.8

- Add a new skin: Fashion

Version 2.7

- Fix minor bugs

Version 2.6

- Fix a minor bug in carousel responsive mode
- Support rtl direction web page
- Fix a bug of reading project files that are saved with old versions

Version 2.5

- Add a new skin Testimonial for creating jQuery testimonial rotator
- Choose your own hover overlay image
- Add an option to show hover overlay image for both Lightbox and weblink
- Add a new responsive option: change the number of visible items according to the container size, keep item size unchanged
- Move image size definition to Skins dialog

Version 2.4

- Responsive Lightbox effect
- Display description in Lightbox popup
- Display thumbnail navigation in Lightbox popup

Version 2.3

- Support embedding the carousel to iframe

Version 2.2

- Fix a bug of playing YouTube on https
- Support responsive for skin Showcase and Vertical
- Support HTML tags in title and description

Version 2.1

- Fix a script conflict with Amazing Slider

Version 2.0

- Fix a minor bug of playing Vimeo video

Version 1.9

- Fix the bug of icons not showing up on some computers
- Save publish options to project files
- Add an option to select own arrow images

Version 1.8

- Add an option to specify the Lightbox text bar height

Version 1.7

- Fix a bug of adding mp4 videos

Version 1.6

- Fix an issue in responsive design

Version 1.5

- Add a new template: Gallery

Version 1.4

- Support mp4 and webm videos

Version 1.3

- Add an option to create standalone WordPress plugin

Version 1.2

- Improve image quality
- WordPress plugin: install new carousel from URL
- Fix minor bugs

Version 1.1

- Fix a bug of WordPress plugin

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